Highlights during my Undergraduate degree

I decided to back-date this post as it covers my Undergraduate degree. As mentioned in the Version 3 blog, I am not the best of writing-up some things.

I started my Undergraduate degree at Aberystwyth University in 2014. Initially I hadn’t planned to leave Liverpool, but I was rightfully persuaded by an IT teacher, who had sparked my interest in computers.

Initially I applied to study Computer Science, but swapped to Business IT in my second year as I couldn’t get a grip on Java. Although I chose some elective modules in different subject areas, I kept some core computer science fundamentals, e.g. Machine Learning.

During my undergrad degree, I’ve explored various programming languages and written many words/lines of code. Both word count and lines of code peaked in my third and final year with web-based languages being my most used. As mentioned, I couldn’t figure out Java, which can be seen in the left plot as I only wrote a total of 31 lines…

barplots showing my undergraduate summaries including word count and lines of code by year

Figure: Barplots showing my undergraduate summaries including word count and lines of code by year.

Note: I would like it to be known that the above may not be 100% correct.

In the third and final year, we had the dissertation project to complete: the development of a small website with a back-end database. I spoke to my aunt, who at the time started a small business in cake baking, and so I started production.

A lot of fellow students used Bootstrap for the front-end, however I wanted to make this all from scratch. I designed elements with CSS including a gallery of cakes, a mini-blog, and an order form - having back-end database elements.

In my feedback, one particular quote will stick with me forever:

one of the best websites made from scratch

I’ve made my undergraduate dissertation final report available for anyone who would like to read. I graduated in 2017 and went onto a Data Science Masters.

me at my undergraduate graduation

Final fun facts:

  • I was elected President of the Computer Science Society, AberCompSoc
  • To celebrate my graduation I made a lego minifigure of myself
  • Participated in the 2017 BCS Lovelace Colloqium
  • “Assisted” a PhD student with their PCR lab work
  • My first research project in Bioinformatics