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Rainbow project

All fun little Python projects via command line interface.


Simple to-do list: indi-go-ing

indigo is a to-do list tracker (GitHub repo). During my PhD, I often had impromptu meetings which needed my laptop and I found myself unable to multi-task: reading results, listening to others, and trying to write down notes. I usually ended up rushing my notes, which then became unreadable. And so, I made indigo to make my note-taking easier: I can Alt+Tab to switch between the window of results to the window of notes.

You can add tasks, complete tasks, and room for future features! I also then proceed to transfer notes to a more secure location after the meeting.

$ indigo

>> help
View list:	'view'
Add tasks:	'add'
Done task:	'done'
Need help:	'help'
Shut down:	'n'

Current issues:

  • if user doesn’t use n correctly when closing the program, task list may disappear (Python returns a keyboard interruption error)…But indigo encourages users to exit and save by typing n.


Simple highlighting annotator - in cyan.

cyannotator is a highlighting tool for a corpus (GitHub repo). My PhD included NLP tasks to show frequency of terms in a corpus, and I was looking for a way to visualise this. Furthermore, sometimes in a meeting it was asked if a particular term was present, and I needed a quick easy way to show this.

I developed cyannotator for quick observation of plain text files (and a plain text file of \n separated list of key terms).

$ cyan --help

Usage: [OPTIONS]

  --file TEXT   Text file.
  --lists TEXT  List of words.
  --help        Show this message and exit.

$ cyan -file yourtextinput.txt -lists yourconcepts.txt


Simple chatbot: a-mAIze-ng!

mAIze is a sentiment score “chatbot” (GitHub repo). Essentially, it’ll ask how you are and remembers your previous discussion. During my PhD, I discovered the amazing world of sentiment analysis and although my PhD progressed onto the next chapter, I wanted to play around a little more with this.

$ maize

Current issues:

  • currently only remembers emotion score from last visit and not what was said.