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Max Perutz Science Writing Award Entry
Weaving webs for smarter science This piece was submitted for the 2019 Max Perutz Science Writing Award. A competition for MRC students to write about their science to the public. It is aimed for students to communicate about their PhD in a way that a wider audience, such as non-scientific individuals, can understand - to help us build our communication skills. How can we do great science if we can’t find useful information?
Masters Dissertation
Metagenomics of Acid Soil: a study of Nanopore long-reads and Acidobacteria Since I enjoyed my Summer Bioinformatics research position (2017), for my Masters dissertation I hoped to work with Amanda Clare again. Amanda spoke to the same research group, who had new sequences for me to look at. These reads were derived using Nanopore sequencing from Aberystwyth soil. The output includes ~2 million sequences: made of ACGT basepairs. Week 1 Acidobacteria is a phylum of bacteria belonging in the bacteria kingdom.
Outsider Perspective of a PhD
Witnessing my partner writing their PhD My partner has just completed his PhD Viva, taking ~4.5 hours. He monitored his heart rate and plotted it, seems quite a traumatic event. This blog post is to acknowledge the stress of a PhD from a friend, partner, and outsider perspective. I hope this post isn’t misunderstood or reflects any selfishness: I am writing to acknowledge the stressful experience and what it’s like to witness.
Lovelace Colloquim
BCS Lovelace Colloquim The BCS Lovelace Colloquium is an annual conference for women and non-binary individuals in computer science and related fields. This year’s conference was being held in Sheffield, which I was both excited and nervous as I had only ever visited very few places in the UK. I submitted an abstract based on the Bioinformatics research I had done the Summer previous. I used the previous poster and improved/updated it.
My first Bioinformatics experience Preface: Bioinformatics covers a wide range of computational biological topics, e.g. developing complex algorithms to answer a complex question. Aberystwyth University advertised a position for a summer research position in Bioinformatics. I always had an interest in Biology, and my partner was a PhD student in Bioinformatics, so I applied. I was slightly worried as I didn’t have much scientific coding experience, but I was more than willing to learn & teach myself.
Old Poem
Banging Playground WARNING: read at your own cringe. I made this poem when I was 11 years old (2007) for an English assignment on the War era. I was notoriously terrible at poems, but this one was my favourite, so I'd like to keep it. It’s foggy, we’re drowsy, with the sound of bangs; We’re crawling around the best we can. Shouting, exploding, and pushing to the limit; It’s raining mud, the sun seems timid.
Highlights during my Undergraduate degree I decided to back-date this post as it covers my Undergraduate degree. As mentioned in the Version 3 blog, I am not the best of writing-up some things. I started my Undergraduate degree at Aberystwyth University in 2014. Initially I hadn’t planned to leave Liverpool, but I was rightfully persuaded by an IT teacher, who had sparked my interest in computers. Initially I applied to study Computer Science, but swapped to Business IT in my second year as I couldn’t get a grip on Java.